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About Me

I'm a 25-year-old college graduate with a BA in Spanish and plans to pursue an MA in language education, a PhD in linguistics, and if possible, a BS in physics, an MA in astronomy, and a PhD in astrophysics as well. Currently I teach ESL at a community college but hope to start graduate school this fall. I've been known for years as RogerWazup007 and RogerWazup008, but I recently started using the alias RogerTheAtheist.

My greatest passions in life are languages, culture, physics, astronomy, evolution, philosophy, religious debate, gaming, and the human mind. I read, write blogs, discuss religion in forums and in person, roller blade, practice karate, go to a local observatory when it's clear, watch movies, play games competitively, and spend a lot of time thinking.

I hope to one day be fluent in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese; obtain a black belt or higher in karate; create a place where homeless people can come to get cleaned up and fed before finding a place to work; become active in an atheist community; travel to Mexico, Spain, Japan, China, England, and various other places; and develop public speaking and debating skills well enough to take part in public formal debates.

Despite being an outspoken atheist, I am very accepting of people regardless of their religious views. Since I believe that this is the only life anyone will ever get, everyone should have basic human rights including healthy food, clothes that fit, a warm and safe place to sleep, clean water, freedoms of speech and religion, a quality education, and a life without fear and oppression. I look forward to a day when a US president can be a lesbian, Buddhist, physically disabled, third-party Asian woman without anyone thinking that's strange.

If you would like to contact me, feel free to send me an e-mail. I also have Facebook, AIM, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, and Steam but prefer to know people before adding them.

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About the Site

I created this site as a central hub for my religious views. I will eventually include this site's URL on the tracts and shirts I've designed.

My plans are to upload blogs from other sites here and to update this site with new arguments and insights that come to mind. There is also contact information for those who would like to debate or simply get in touch.

I've never been in a public formal debate, although I've certainly had several engaging informal debates with friends and strangers. My goal is to one day be good enough at public speaking to have formal debates with pastors and other figures.

For atheists and people who would like to know more about atheism beyond my personal views, I'll also add a Links page for further reading. Since the only thing atheists are guaranteed to have in common is lack of belief in any god, my views beyond that lack of belief don't necessarily represent atheism as a whole.
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